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Netaji Subhas University - Leading University at Jamshedpur, Jharkhand
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Student Life

Student Life at NSU

NSU Offers You

  • Wealth of specialist support services to help you to look after your general well being and to keep you on track academically.
  • Wide range of experienced and sympathetic people, support groups and advice to help you find a solution to any difficulty — financial, personal, academic, or administrative .
  • We're proud to be not only being Jamshedpur's second biggest, most diverse private college — but we also want to ensure that every individual member of our community can access whatever assistance they need to successfully tackle any personal or acadernic issue they may have. That's why we run a wide range of services dedicated to supporting our students.

General Admin Support

Our Student Services Centre is a single point of contact for your administrative dealings with us, including questions or difficulties relating to tuition fees, advice, loans, student cards, scholarships and awards, examinations, or graduation arrangements. You can call in and speak to staff at the Centre.

Personal Counselling

  • Student Counseling Service — Free, confidential help frorn trained counselors with any personal problerns affecting your work or well being
  • Residential care team —  For help and support in College-managed accornmodation, including ernergency duty cover at night and weekends

What if I have a problem with my course?

Our commitment to fairness for all. We are committed to providing you with a positive working and learning environment, free from discrimination harassment, or victimization.

Start by approaching your Faculty for help. You can also make an appointment to see him for unbiased and confidential information to help you make informed decision.

What if I have a problem with health related issues?

Our Student Occupational Health Service provides occupational services in relation to health concerns that ma \ impact on your academic studies


Our students come from all cultures and religious beliefs. Jamshedpur is a cosmopolitan ciW with many places of worship for most faiths and religions, including SAI Temple in our campus.

How can I stay safe In the College?

  • Safety and security are issues In all big cities. Our College gives practical advice on many simple precauttion you can adopt to take care of yourself and your possession
  • We also have Our own security service and dosed circuit TV on campus, syli. makes the campus a. Wier resldences crime free
  • Excellent relationships with lamslsedpur Police on matters of safety and security.

                                       ANTI Ragging Cell

(Under Section 26 (1)(g) of the University Grants Commission Act, 1956) Ragging is strictly prohibited in the university campus.